Terry Guthrie

Terry Guthrie obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in photography in 1965. He then entered the U.S. Air Force and spent four years as a Precision Photographic Services Officer. After leaving the Air Force, he worked as a photographic engineer and spent time managing the Apollo/Earth Resources photography lab at NASA in Houston, TX. He then co-founded a professional photography school in Dayton, Ohio where he spent 23 years as major owner and president. The school provided photographic training to would-be photographers from across the United States and several foreign countries. After selling the school in 1993 he joined the company that purchased it, working in accreditation and state compliance. The company grew to over 70 colleges nation-wide during his thirteen years of employment with them. In early 2006, Terry retired from his position as vice president of accreditation. After approximately fifteen years of being relatively inactive in photography, he again took up the hobby/profession concentrating on nature photography. His photography includes landscapes, birds, butterflies, flowers, and virtually anything else found in the great outdoors. Nikon cameras and lenses are used.

“Misty Mountains”

Photographed In Rabun Gap, Ga Looking North across Wolffork Valley from Blackrock Mountain. Photograph Was Taken Around 6:30 PM In Mid-august.


“Minnehaha Falls”

Waterfalls In Rabun County, Ga In The Lake Rabun area off of Bear Gap Road. Photographed the first week of November.


“Stonewall Falls”

Waterfall in Rabun County, GA approximately 2.5 miles south of Tiger. Located on US Forest Road #20 off of old highway 441. Photographed in April when the mountain laurel was in bloom.