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About K.A. Hamdy-Swink
Photographer & Writer

In 2002 Kathy Hamdy-Swink retired her ‘corporate high heels’ after 20 years of fun - developing and marketing
new products for computer communications technologies. Plans were to become a children’s book author yet she
got sidetracked with a sports writing assignment aimed to hone her writing skills. That job involved buying a new
Digital SLR camera and in 2005 a career as a photographer took hold. She’s always had a passion for photography so during her high tech career’s world travels, she’d dog professional photographers - holding up her vintage manual 35mm Leica with hopes and high thirst for learning.

Spotting the priceless Leica, most cornered photographers
were more than willing to tutor her on how they created art by capturing light, emotions, and subjects while aligning compositions. On frequent trips to a San Francisco office during her corporate career, free time was spent drooling over one of the largest private collections of original Ansel Adams prints. Most likely his work influenced her ‘simplicity with awe’ style of artistic photos. With a 50/50 analytic and creative brain, which to her (and her husband) is frustrating to have, Kathy enjoys shooting low-light artistic photography embedded with hidden ‘tales’ and/or reflective points of view.

Her all-time favorite subjects to photograph are Golden Retrievers, vintage wood boats, lake scenes, and florals -
lately done with a camp stool and tripod to off-set an inoperable degenerative spinal condition.

Twenty of her favorite photos are featured in her stationary product line: “Awesome-Notecards” (boxed sets of elegant off-set printed notecards). Two of her photos have landed on the covers of magazines. A ‘low-light’ studio composition,
“Softy’s Yarn”, was selected to be exhibited in a museum’s juried, American Still Life exhibit and thirty-seven of her
Wood Boat photos have been licensed for use in the Lake Rabun Association’s directory.

Kathy shoots with Nikon cameras outfitted with variety of vintage andhigh tech pro glass lenses and is experimenting with creative studio ‘flashlight’ lighting combined with close-up (macro) photography. She’s dabbling with family and children candid portraits, volunteers her photography services to various worthy charities, and provides custom
framing services for her work. Corporate Clients include commercial interior/exterior architectural, construction, and landscape photography.

Over 10,000 stock photos are available by request for
license, freelance on-site photography services are available to corporate and personal clients. Private photography/camera lessons are soon to be
available. Her company, Feather-Tales, LLC sells her Artistic framed photography, Awesome-Notecards, Awesome-Calendars, Awesome T’s (t-shirts) and other photography gift items online, thru upscale resellers, and in fine art galleries. Kathy splits time between Lakemont and Johns Creek, GA.

She’s married to Mike Swink and has two spoiled rotten Golden Retrievers - Winnie and Pooh Bear
and also owns Pineapple Homes & Properties, LLC. She hopes you enjoy her photos!

Gallery Inventory:

Enchanted Evening 11x14

Double Fun 11x14

Together Again 11x14

Morning with Glory 11x14

Moon Shine

Aerial View of Lake Burton


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